Sunday, July 1, 2018


By affirmations, what I mean is - Breaking that programmed negative belief residing in us, by replacing it with strong and provoking words and sentences, intending at transforming your life in a purposeful and successful direction. In short, affirmations mean – the use of Positive Words and Sentences to make life positive, successful and meaningful. Affirmations are positive words that can be used to manifest whatever you desire, be it - wealth, career, relationships, dreams etc.. 

Regularly affirming yourself with positive words and sentences- rewires your brain with a positive attitude. Here are few tips on how to make the best use of affirmations:


1 Initiate with Belief: Start with nothing but just belief as a prerequisite to manifest what you desire. It is essential that you believe in you and your trust the Universe and its power in manifesting what you desire. Initiating anything with doubt and skepticism will never give you a positive outcome, so all you need is Just Belief to start with. 

2. Make a Wish: To receive something that you have always dreamt of, it’s imperative that you ask. What is that you actually want to manifest? What’s your Burning Desire? What do you actually want to accomplish? Make a wish to Universe with utmost faith. Don’t be timorous. You deserve everything that’s top-notch and magnificent.  Never shy to ask for what you want. Just make a Wish!

    3. Choose words wisely. Words have a profound impact on our lives. All that we are today is the result of the words – Spoken, written and thought. Use Sentences containing positive words. Why do you have to think about something that you don’t need? Focus only on what you want. Make it clear and compelling in terms of figures, numbers, size, quantity etc. Be very specific.

4. Consistency is the Key: The reason why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for many people is the lacking consistency in the usage. Be consistent with your approach and methodology. Law of attraction works, it takes time to manifest. Patience is the key to hold. Regularly use Affirmations and use visualization technique to speed up the manifestation process.

1    5. Count your blessings. Be thankful for everything that you have in your life right now. The universe likes speed and it responds quickly in manifesting for people who have the attitude of gratitude.


1. I am like a magnet that keeps attracting money.
2. Every minute of my day keeps attracting more and more money.
3. Money gets easily multiplied every time I think of money.
4. I am open to different sources of earning money.
5. Earning money is so easy and effortless
6. I am always in a receiving mode to different sources of money.
7. Money that I earn makes me so happy and the feeling of happiness multiplies more money.
8. I am the master of my destiny.
9. My investments are always profitable and I receive multi-fold returns on my investments.
10. There is more and more money that is continuously flowing into my life.
11. My Bank Accounts are always multiplied by the abundance of deposits.
12. There is more money being printed for me.
13. I rejoice my victories and earnings.
14. I utilize my money to lead a happy and purposeful life.
15. Every idea that I think of creates a revenue generating platform.
16. I attract people in my life who are positive and wealthy.
17. I attract the sources that make my money multiplied.
18. All my needs are met, even before I think about it.
19. I live in a place surrounded by prosperity.
20. The universe is full of abundance and I am part of it.
21. I love money and money keeps flowing to me.
22. My wallet is filled with currencies and cards.
23. My actions create multiple sources for earning money.
24. My businesses get profitable and I keep expanding it.

These Affirmations can really help manifest whatever you wish in life. Provided that you hold a strong belief in it's functioning and ensuring that you rejoice the process and express the attitude of gratitude.

- Feel free to use the images as flashcards whenever you feel it.
- Save them. Look at them daily. Repeat as many times as you could.
- Wishing you all the luck and sending best wishes in your manifestation process.



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